Strange Arrangements

by Michele Adamson

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10 year anniversary release


released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: Mojo Gogo feat. Last Men Standing
Ooh i m getting it on with a gogo
Keep it on the down low
Move your body with me really slow
They don't need to know
Track Name: Immortal - feat. Popstream
we are immortal and this life is an illusion
Banish your confusion get on with your life
we are immortal and this life is an illusion
Let go of confusion
Get on with your life
We are immortal
Track Name: Filthy Lies feat. Ultravoice
Filthy Lies from your dirty eyes
Sweet goodbyes make me realise
No alibis don't over analyse
Filthy lies tell me filthy lies!

om mane padme hum
Track Name: Follow the line feat. Psycraft
Good time!
Do you want to get with me?
Take me however you want to
I don't need anything from you
Follow your nose to the end of the line
It's all white and you're going to have a good time!
Track Name: Blood on the mic feat. CPU
I wanna hear you scream!
Loveliest perfume
the smell of fear
Dark man smiled from ear to ear
You want to party before it's too late
But this dance is not ready to die ..yet

Hot, heavy breathing on the back of your neck
Somebody's watching from up on the decks
It's enough to bring you out in a cold sweat
But this dancer's not ready to die yet

Nubile young virgin at home all alone
Ooh what a thrill there's blood on the microphone
This is the stuff of your darkest dream
I want to hear you scream!
Track Name: Touch Down feat. GMS
never never...

they never touch down
or call
they never feel low
they never touch down
or call home
They never
Touch Down
They never feel low
Touch Down
Call home!

Breaking the law...
Track Name: In My Face feat. Last Men Standing
You're in my face
But not for long
Soon you'll be eating dust
And I'll be gone
There's nothing more for you to say
Your twisted mind has had it's day
Your stories are warped
Your friends abused
There's only one thing left to do...

Bollocks, arsehole, jism, clit
A pair of goolies, crock of shit
Bugger, wanker, nob, jap's eye,
Golden shower, hairy pie,
Mapatasi, bottom, guff,
Beef curtains, bucket, fanny, muff!
Track Name: Freakshow remix feat. Interactive
i haven't been the same since
the freakshow came to town
they caught me with their music
now i can't get out
I'm dancing for my life now
i m breaking on the floor
i thought i had a choice but
i always want more