Deep Dive Corp Meets Michele Adamson

by Michele Adamson

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released March 24, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: Deep Dive Corp meets Michele Adamson - Airports

i love to see the people pass by
Love to breathe the deep blue sky
Love the feeling of the sunshine
Love i love to love

i love i love i love i love
i love to love
Track Name: Deep dive corp meets Michele Adamson - Fired Up
Come to me my love and hear mysterious tales
This time round a little more to regale
Don't know what day it is and not sure which week
Couldn't care less I've been smoking the weed

Here i am again behind the wheel of my car
Tarring up the windows so it doesn't seem far
Haleakala waits at the other end
Everyone together a love without end

Feel a love without end

Soon you will see me holding fire in my hands
Singing my song in far distant lands
A hazy memory impinging on me
If you want to get on
You've got to be free

Now comes the time for my raving to finish
Lights have come on but i am undiminished
Guess i had better start to look for my keys
If you could only peel me off wall please

And i feel alright

It'll be all right
Track Name: Deep Dive Corp & Michele Adamson - Don't Say a Word (Munty Remix)
however you're pushed however you're squeezed
wherever you're touched however you're pleased
if anything counts however absurd
don't say a word

if ever you're broke or down on your knees
remember a joke to put you at ease
whatever you do my little bird
don't say a word

if you think you know or saw something strange
you'd better be sure you're a equipped for the games
when her eyes on you said not disturb
don't say a word

don't say a word no no no
Track Name: deep dive corp and michele adamson - Pirates
stab your demoniac

i need a boat man
to carry me away
no time for goodbyes
I'm leaving today
no case to carry
i m travelling light
no need worry
i ll be alright

one way ticket for a pirate ship
bound for neverland
its an epic trip
you won't recall from whence you came
and when you land you'll have a new name

one way ticket under captain jack
look dead ahead because you won't be back
live your days by the cracking whip
drink away your nights on a pirate ship

i never want you back

stab your demoniac smile to my brain
soak me in cognac, cunt and cocaine

i m still afloat man
like every day
and if you won't let me onboard
i'll stow away
the faces of strangers
all with the same eyes
on the lips of heaven yeah
i've tasted lies, lies, lies

Track Name: Deep Dive Corp meets Michele Adamson - Unreal
walking around in your shoes
trying to cop a feel
all i can catch is the feeling that nothing is real

tangible reality
fiction and insanity
lock me up and throw away the key
i refuse to believe
my eyes deceive me

and all i can catch is the feeling
that nothing i see is real

nothing i see is real
Track Name: Deep Dive Corp ft Michele Adamson - You
If you could be unleashed on the world
You would see nobody has to fight anymore

nobody has to fight anymore..

If you could be unleashed on the world
You would see nobody has to fight anymore

When you're with me you don't have to say anything
Come to me you are everything I've been waiting for
Track Name: Deep Dive Corp feat Hari Om, Hellmut Hattler and Michele Adamson - The Flame
brighten the blaze
go up in smoke
come see through my window
kick back relax
take a deep breath
just go with the flow

i want to tell you forever starts today
flip over the hour glass and throw your watch away
tune into the music and brighten the flame
be part of the rhythm you never need explain